Resources for equipping your Church

Includes materials for worship, preaching, deep Bible Study methods, youth ministry, worship services, church planting and church management, evangelism, ministerial philosophy, principles and methods in teaching, and the training of church leaders.

2 Timoteo 2: 15
Pagsikapan mong humarap na subok sa Dios, manggagawang walang anomang ikahihiyana gumagamit na matuwid ng salita ng katotohanan.

For Worship Teams

A series of letters I wrote to advise a worship leader suffering from the dryness of congregational worship. Also helpful for all Christians in general.

Letter 1: The Call to Seek God

Letter 2: Idols of the Heart

Letter 3: Spiritual Power from God (work on progess)

On Different Topics

Some reflections on the Christian journey and the ministry. Experiences seen and analysed through the eyes of Scriptures.

It Takes More than That (Fasting)

Broken Fellowships (Confession and Repentance)

Footsteps in the Service of Jesus

Selfless Love (Lessons of Self-denial)

Everything About Preaching

Preaching essentials. These articles try to grasp the wonder and grandeur of preaching, taking both its spiritual and technical aspects.

The Primacy of Preaching

Preaching as a Divine Task and Its Power

Preaching as Public Speaking

Content or Delivery: Which is more Important in Preaching?

Writing the Introduction of the Sermon

Evangelism and Basic Discipleship

Resources that will help you conduct creative and Biblical evangelism. Includes materials on discipling new believers.

Evangelism: Aklat na Walang Sulat

Evangelism: Two Ways to Live

Kahalagahan ng Evangelism at Discipleship

Pagdidisipulo sa mga Bagong Mananampalataya

Church Planting and Church Management

Ideas that will help pastors and leaders start a church and manage it towards maturity.

Church Planting Plan Sample for Barangay Lumangbayan

Church Planting Budget Sample

Church Plan for Ten Years

Ministerial Philosophy

Biblical principles about everyday issues like social life, marriage, and some others that could guide pastors and leaders in having a balanced Biblical perspectives as spiritual people living in a broken world.

Contemporary and Social Issues


My Accountability

My Call for Pastoral Ministry

Personal Life

Personal Testimony

Sex in Marriage

The Christian Unity

The Intellectual Life of the Pastor

The Social Life of the Pastor

The Spiritual Life of the Pastor

The Wealthy and the Poor

True Worship

Christian Education / Principles and Methods in Teaching

Christian Education (C.E.) performs a large part in a local church' growth. C.E. has the crucial role in the preperation of teaching materials in the Sunday School, DVBS, discipleship class, and others pertaining to teaching. Learn how to teach creatively with substance. Can be used for seminars, Sunday School, and DVBS.

Job Descriptions in the C.E. Department

Sample Plan for Three Years for the C.E. Department

The Benefits of Creative Teaching in the Classroom

10 Creative Methods

4 Lesson Plan Samples

Witnessing to Others

How do you witness to others who are heavily indoctrinated with false beliefs?

Interview with an Iglesia ni Cristo

Seven Major Teachings of the New Age Movement

Biblical Responses to the New Age Movement

How to Witness to New Agers

Basic Christian Doctrines

Biblical Doctrines play an important role in the life of every believer. Our deeds are the fruits of our creeds. We must always be ready too to defend our faith.

Christology - the Doctrine about Christ

Soteriology - the Doctrine about Salvation

Pneumatology - the Doctrine about the Holy Spirit


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